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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I clean?
    CPAP Machines, Tubes, Water Chamber, and Masks: Weekly; with warm water and mild detergent such as Joy dishwashing soap or hand soap. Air dry after washing. Tubing must be hung upright for proper drying (hang dry). Water Chambers can also be cleaned with water and mild detergents. Masks can also be cleaned daily with CPAP mask wipes or wet wipes with no alcohol content. Do not use alcohol to clean mask cushions as it makes the material brittle. Do not place headgear or chinstraps in washing machine or dryer. Filters: Most filters are reusable and can be cleaned by simply running them with water and gently brushing off the remaining dust particles. Must be replaced if and when dust particles can already pass through the filter.
  • How to access sleep reports?
    We offer Compliance Data Printing Services for Php500. Compliance Data Printing is FREE if the machine was purchased from us. You may also monitor your Sleep Report within your machine. Smartphone Apps are subject to compatibility with our local signal providers.
  • How do I use humidication?
    Increase/decreasing humidification Increase humidity level if you have dry throat the next day after using machine. Humidifier/water chamber Use distilled water only; other types contain minerals and chemicals that may damage the machine. No need to not change water everyday; refill until max line and replenish as needed. Change water after cleaning.
  • What is the purpose of humidification?
    Prevents dryness when you sleep, adds moisture in the air, then opens up the airway to dilate it. Keeps throat moist in case air from machine makes your throat dry. Prevents rain out – condensation in machine caused by water droplets.
  • Will the App for Airsense work?
    Smartphone Apps are subject to compatibility with our local signal providers.
  • Do your offer repair services?
    We do not do repairs, but we can provide parts that are needed (subject to availability). Below are our contacts for CPAP Repair Services: Jeraldo Recto Krismatt Medical Depot Co 30E Teodoro Gener Kamuning, Quezon City Tel: 79006200 Mobile: 09177076402 Al F. Baid Mobile: 09423682469 June V. Illescas Mobile: 09235347842 or 09065748408 Email:
  • Returns and Exchange Policy
    There will be no returns on any of the products that has been OPENED or UNSEALED. Returns will not be accepted if items are: Opened or used Hygienic items Missing their serial number/s Special orders (returned at our discretion) Returned without notification Returned more than 7 days after delivery Items should be in their original packaging with corresponding serial number/s. Special order returns are at our discretion on a case by case basis. If you would like to return or exchange your item, kindly contact us before sending it back.
  • Shipping Options and Delivery Fees
    We offer the following options for delivery: Within Metro Manila - Lalamove, Grab or Angkas Outside Metro Manila - LBC, JRS or J&T Delivery Fees Lalamove/Grab - fee subject to app computation LBC/JRS/J&T - Php400 flat rate Order Processing Time Subject to stock and courier availability Tracking Your Order Once your order has been dispatched, we will send you a tracking link (for Lalamove/Grab) or a waybill number (for LBC/J&T) with tracking information. You will be able to track your package directly on the courier’s website.
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