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What's the difference between Nasal Pillow, Nasal and Full Face Masks

Nasal Pillow Masks

Seal around the Nostril Base

Preferred by over 28% of users, nasal pillow masks add the least amount of weight and material on a user face.  This mask is generally the best option if you have facial hair, get claustrophobic easily or like reading and watching TV before bed.​

Nasal Masks

Seal around the Nose

Preferred by over 45% of users, nasal masks are best for users who breathe for users who breathe through their nose, like to read or watch TV before bed, are active sleepers, and have a wide range of pressure settings on their machine. A chinstrap can be used for those who breathe through their mouth.

Full Face Masks

Seal around the Nose and Mouth

Preferred by over 26% of users, full face masks are great not only for users who breathe through their mouth when sleeping but these masks also give relief to users who suffer from allergies and congestion. This mask, like the nasal mask, is held in place by four point headgear.

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