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The Luna G3 BPAP 25A Machine from 3B Medical is a streamlined bilevel positive airway machine, also known as a BiPAP or BPAP machine, that has many innovative features incorporated into its design. This device addresses the needs of people with sleep apnea who respond best to BiPAP therapy. There are different inhalation positive airway pressures (IPAP) and exhalation positive airway pressures (EPAP) levels to make therapy more comfortable.

Luna G3 BIPAP 25A

  • Comes with:


    • Luna G3 BIPAP Machine

    • Tube

    • Built In Humidifier

    • Nasal Mask

    • Power Supply and Cord

    • Travel Bag

    • 1- Standard Filter (Installed)

    • Patient Manual

    • 2 Years Replacement Warranty (machine only)

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